Best Soft Toothbrush for Super Gentle Brushing

My Mom was recently given a sample Rx Ultra Suave super soft toothbrush by a dental surgeon immediately after she had dental surgery. She absolutely loved it. According to the manufacturer, it is the softest toothbrush available and is extremely easy on sensitive gums after surgery. Another excellent alternative that I have not received personal testimony on but appears to be a nice brush by a reputable oral product company is GUM’s 317 Post-Surgical Toothbrush Super Soft, which is gentle on healing and tender gum tissue.  You can’t go wrong with either of these purchases. Remember not to apply too much pressure when using them.

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  1. Hey,
    Actually, I have personally tried the suggested GUM 317 Post-Surgical Toothbrush Super Soft and I must say that it really is the softes brush I have ever cleaned my Teeth with. It was also sugested to me by a dental surgeon after I had removed my wisdom teeth, and it really helped avoiding unnecessary pain:)

    1. On behalf of all of us seeking that super soft toothbrush that will brush away debris while also protecting our gums, thank you for sharing your experience, and may we all continue to persist at the perpetual war on plaque! 

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