Flossing is the Most Important Step

A wise dentist once told me that flossing is the most important step to dental hygiene.  If you brush your teeth without flossing, you will leave behind food between your teeth after brushing.  Food particles between your teeth provide a buffet for bacteria in your mouth, which will metabolize this food and generate a nasty acidic substance that will corrode your tooth enamel.

If you’re like me, you graze on food throughout the day, meaning you eat more than just three meals a day.  This means that you would benefit by keeping floss with you, accessible at all times.  If you work, keep floss at work.  If you have a vehicle, keep floss in your vehicle.  If you pack your lunch, keep floss in your lunch box.

When feasible, always wash your hands before and after flossing for good hygiene.  This prevents cross-contamination from hand to mouth or vice versa and decreases the chance that you will get sick.


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